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Find information about our curriculum below.

Phonics and spelling teaching at our school is based on Letters and Sounds and Support for Spelling.

Sounds (phonemes) are introduced in the order specified in the Letters and Sounds programme.

Interactive whiteboard programmes, the use of big book, spelling games, whiteboards etc are used to ensure that the teaching of phonics is practical and activity based.

Children are encouraged to write independently and attempt their own spellings, using their phonic knowledge from the beginning.  Adults assist children to use their knowledge of phonics and spelling patterns.

Children are helped to learn the 100 key words from the Letters and Sounds, they are also taught to recognise on sight common simple phonetically correct words.  Parents are asked to support children to learn these words.  Children are particularly encouraged to spell these words correctly in their work across the curriculum.

Children are also encouraged to use word banks and alphabet/phoneme mats to support their spelling in their independent work.

We aim to give the children sufficient fluency and motivation to become engrossed in books, because of the interest and enjoyment they derive from them.

They will develop a range of reading skills and strategies and experience reading a large selection of picture books, fiction and non fiction materials.

Reading books are colour coded according to reading level, and children progress through the levels at their own pace.  Children are encouraged to take books home with them, both from the school libraries and class reading collections, and share them with their parents.

We use a broad range of reading schemes.

We also value offers of help from parents to hear children read in school.  Please contact your child's teacher or the office if you could help.

We hope all children will develop an awareness of various authors and illustrators and an appreciation of a wide range of literature and poetry.

If you require further information about our Curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher, Miss Reis 

(KS1 Co-ordinator) or Mr Laing (KS2 Co-ordinator).