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Dinner Menus

All of our menus are devised in line with government health targets and the new nutritional standards that are advised by the School Meals Service at Essex County Council.

For children of primary school age this means:
* A balanced diet with variety and enough energy for growth and development
* Plenty of fruit and vegetables
* Plenty of fibre rich foods, such as bread, pasta and potatoes
* Not eating too many foods containing lots of fat, especially saturated fat
* Moderate amounts of meat, fish or alternative
* Not having sugary foods and drinks too often

Mrs Tedder, our Catering Manager, and the catering team have worked hard to ensure that our school meals are of the highest quality at affordable prices.  Therefore:
* All meat and vegetables are freshly supplied from local butchers and green grocers
* All vegetables and salads are fresh and prepared at the school (excluding peas and sweetcorn)
* Our food is cooked using oven baking only

Please advise the school office of any significant food allergies your child may have.  

In June 2016, we had a very successful Environmental Services visit from Chelmsford City Council; we received the highest rating - Level 5 Food Hygiene Rating.

Please see our latest dinner menus at the top of this page.