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Internet Safety

Tips for Parents

Set up parental controls on your internet at home.  This can be done by contacting your service provider or using their online help.  Remember this is not always 100%, so still supervise your child.

Remember your home computer is not the only access to the internet.  Mobile phones, iPods and games consoles are also internet enabled.  Set up the parental lock on these too.

When working on a computer check the tabs and other windows that are open and not just the one your child is looking at when you are there.

For younger children, get them started on a website and go on full screen mode (F11) so that they are less likely to access other programmes.

Encourage them to tell you whenever anything pops up on screen.

When using search engines ensure that they are on the strictest search setting.  However, ensure you check the results especially images as there are exceptions.

Your child should not be on Facebook until they are 13 years old.

Check the history when your child has been on the internet so you can see if they have been on any websites you are unsure of.

There is lots of advice available online; there are games you can play with your child, articles to help and guidance on how to set up a safe environment at home. 

Please also see our eSafety & Data Security Policy (Policies section).