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Our School Ethos, Aims and Values

"Springfield Primary School is a happy, caring, friendly school where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential and where we all learn to respect each other and our environment"

We aim to develop a safe, secure and caring community where each child's happiness is of great importance, there are high expectations of good behaviour and where each child can develop positive and co-operative relationships.

We aim to ensure that every learner fulfils their potential.

Through a process of regular review and evaluation, we aim to have high academic standards achieved through a stimulating curriculum and teaching that is targeted to children's needs.

We aim to promote and celebrate success, thereby raising the confidence, enthusiasm, motivation and self-esteem of all, encouraging an appreciation of achievement in themselves and others.

We aim to develop the whole child through:

*  the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum
*  sporting opportunities, including sport for all and competitive sport
*  art, drama and music opportunities both within school and through visits, visitors and extra curricular provision
*  assemblies and lessons which encourage children to think through important social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues
*  the provision of a stimulating environment, respected by the whole school community

Our aims are achieved through positive involvement of children, parents, staff, governors and the wider community.